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Our organic promotions are accepted for Gold and Platinum Plaques. We have had the chance to help many artists trend on Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora.


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Social Media Marketing is known as the use of networking platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more to promote yourself or your brand. If you are looking for a way to heavily increase your online presence, your best choice is to use Music Tech Now where we offer over 1,200 services to help you increase your online presence across ALL networking platforms for the most affordable prices.

Our Services

Our organic promotions are accepted for Gold and Platinum Plaques.



Grow your streams to billions. Get paid for every stream.


Grow your views to billions. Get paid for every view.


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"I have been using Music Tech Now for more than a year now, I am very happy with their workspace. I never had a problem, and when something like a time delay occurs they always compensate and promote me even more! Best I have ever worked with!"
- Reilly Copenhagen -
"Music Tech Now has helped my lash company a lot. Over the past 3 months, my mink sales have increased a lot after I started using their promotions to boost my Instagram! "
- Nashay Jones -

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As long as you are signing up using a real-verifiable identity, your account will be approved within 3 hours or less. You will receive access to two different dashboards. One will be for documentation, updates and knowledge boards.


The other will be direct access to our network. 


Our Team

Over 80 countries included in our team services. We have the ability to provide the best of the best marketing promotions to artists and brands globally.

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